As mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, truck drivers would generally be wise to be more conscious of the effects of the summer sun. However, what that actually entails might be a bit more involved than some drivers might think.

6 trucker sun care tips

If you want to boost your sun protection in the days, weeks or months ahead, it’s a good idea to follow these five tips – not only to reduce your chances of a sunburn, but also your risk of skin cancer:

1) Have plenty of sunscreen with you

The first and most obvious thing you need to do when trying to reduce your sun exposure risk is invest in a strong sunscreen, and make sure you always have plenty so that you don’t run out, according to Drive My Way. Now, you may encounter a lot of different sunscreen products, but experts say an SPF rating above 50 is unnecessary; anything between 30 and 50 SPF will shield you from sunburn and block out about 98% of UV rays.

2) Make sure you wear the recommended amount

If you really want to get the most out of your sunscreen, it’s wise to apply it regularly and in the proper quantities. That means applying enough to cover every square inch of the skin that will be exposed. Moreover, it’s generally recommended you put it on about 30 minutes before you go outside and then reapply after every few hours of sun exposure.

3) Be conscious of left versus right

Truckers face a somewhat unique risk when it comes to sun damage to the skin, because their left sides are likely to absorb far more of the sun’s rays, according to The reason for this is simple: That’s the side of their bodies that face the driver’s side window. For that reason, truckers may want to be a little more conscientious about making sure that side in particular has some extra layers of protection.

4) Protect all parts of your skin that might be in the sun

As mentioned, you should make sure all areas of your skin that will be in the sun gets plenty of protection, but you don’t need to rely solely on sunscreen, according to Trucker to Trucker. Wearing long sleeves, a hat, driving gloves and so on can also be a great way to protect yourself.

5) Wear sunglasses

Finally, in addition to reducing the glare when you’re driving, sunglasses will also help reduce your risk of sun damage to your eyes themselves, and the areas around them, Trucker to Trucker added. But in terms of UV protection, not all sunglasses are created equal, so do your research before you spend your money.