HDL’s Outsourced Truck Driver Leasing makes your life easier.


Other truck driver leasing companies come and go.

Established in 1982, HDL has earned the reputation of being an industry innovator and a valuable partner to both drivers and companies. Please contact us for industry-specific references.

Outsource your drivers through our truck driver management program.

Do you find yourself pulled away from critical business while focusing your time and energy on hiring and retaining drivers, implementing safety programs, and managing the ever-changing DOT requirements? Are you concerned that having truck drivers on your payroll will increase your workers’ compensation insurance exposure?

When you lease with HDL:

  • HDL’s expertise in all areas of truck driver recruiting and management will reduce your costs.
  • HDL manages and stays current with the DOT regulations.
  • HDL supervises your drivers, while you maintain control of your hiring requirements, rules of conduct, trucks, dispatch, software and routes.
  • HDL implements all human resource management—including payroll, taxes, Federal and State compliance and all insurances.
  • HDL facilitates an ongoing comprehensive safety training and incentive program.

With HDL you are partnering with over three (3) decades of industry experience.