Every year, we marvel at Santa Claus’ extraordinary feat of delivering toys to boys and girls all over the world. While it’s impossible for any mortal to match what Santa accomplishes in a single night, he does have down-to-earth counterparts in freight terminals and truck stops across the nation: truckers.

Think about it. Over the course of a year, truckers probably move about as much freight as Santa does and often in tougher conditions. After all, Santa doesn’t have to contend with heavy traffic, road construction, tolls or inspections. Both truckers and Santa leave behind their homes and families to get the job done.

Santa and truckers both have to meet impossibly tight delivery deadlines and follow complicated routes. While both deliver toys and coal, truckers also haul everything from auto parts to zucchini. Santa doesn’t get paid, and truckers don’t get paid enough.

Both have big hearts and a soft spot for children. Both have a mystique about them and appear larger than life. Most importantly, truck drivers, like Santa Claus, are absolutely necessary for the holidays.

Here’s a chart comparing and contrasting Santa Claus and truck drivers:

Comparison Santa Claus Truck Driver
Schedule 1 (very long) night a year Several hundred nights a year
Vehicle Sleigh Semi
Power Source Reindeer and magic Diesel engine
Navigation Rudolph GPS
Cargo Toys and coal Everything
Health Immortal Definitely mortal
Diet Cookies and milk Jerky and Mountain Dew
Clothing Red suit, boots and stocking cap Jeans, flannel, boots and baseball cap
Red Tape No weight scales or HOS for Santa Enough for the world’s biggest bow
Physique Hefty All shapes and sizes
Record-keeping A list checked twice Electronic logs
Communication Letters CB radio and smartphone
Maneuverability Lands on rooftops Backs into loading docks
Star of TV and Movies Check Check
Has Own Music Genre Check Check
Iconic Figure Check Check
Makes People Happy Check Check
Big Heart Check Check

Truckers are Everyday Santas