AOBRD Automatic On-Board Recording Device

BA          Blood Alcohol

BASICs  Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement

CDL        Commercial Driver’s License

CFR        Code of Federal Regulations

CLP         Commercial Learner’s Permit

CMV      Commercial Motor Vehicle

CSA        Compliance, Safety, Accountability

CVSA     Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

DOD       Department of Defense

DOE       Department of Energy

DOL        Department of Labor

DOT       Department of Transportation

DQ          Driver’s Qualification

DVIR      Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

ECM       Electronic Control Module

ELD         Electronic Logging Device

EPA        Environmental Protection Agency

FASTact Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

FHWA   Federal Highway Administration

FMCSA Federal Highway Administration

FR           Federal Register

GCW      Gross Combination Weight

GCWR   Gross Combination Weight Rating

GVWR   Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

HMR      Hazardous Material Regulations

HOS       Hours of Service

HVUT    Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

IFTA       International Fuel Tax Agreement

IRP         International Registration Plan

ISS          Inspection Selection System

MC         Motor Carrier (Number)

ME         Medical Examiner

MRO      Medical Review Officer

MVR      Motor Vehicle Report

OOS       Out of Service

OSHA    Occupational Safety and Health Administration

PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

PSP        Pre-Employment Screening Program

SAP        Substance Abuse Professional

SMC       Safety Management Cycle

SMS       Safety Measurement System

SPH        Safety Performance History

UCR       Unified Carrier Registration

URS        Unified Registration System

USDOT  United States Department of Transportation