Check out some testimonials from our Driver Roundtable on November 16th!

Merritt: with HDL 2004-2011 and 2016 – present. “I came back to HDL because no one treats me better. I can take family vacations whenever I want; no questions asked.”

Andrew: full time since 2017 “they found me a great job close to home, they’re incredibly nice and make me feel like family. My favorite part of Monday is when I get to talk with Wendy; she’s my Italian aunt.”

David: Full time since 2017. “HDL is a special place to work. They listen, they care and they make sure that their drivers are happy.”

Richard: full time from 1998. “I would never work anywhere else.”

Daniel: Part time since August 2019. “I like temping for HDL; they’re the best.”

Wendy: “I’ve worked at HDL for 22 years and the only way I’m leaving is on a stretcher. I love my clients & drivers… most of the time”

Kelly: Just started. “I wanted to work for HDL because of all their great reviews online. They are truly in the business of making people happy.”