Women are flocking to an industry you might not expect: trucking. According to the American Trucking Associations, there were 234,234 female truckers counted in 2018. That is a 68% increase since 2010. Part of the reason for the dramatic increase is equal pay for female truckers.

Rebekah Koon left her job as an assistant manager at a gas station in Fort Bragg, N.C., to become a trucker. Koon told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that trucking was about more than just the pay to her. “I don’t think it’s all about the pay. I can say, on a personal level, that I actually just really enjoy the trucking…I enjoy the people I meet and the sights I see,” she said. “But, I also know that the pay was a definite benefit,” Koon admitted.

Women flock to trucking industry for equal payVideo She explained to the “Friends” hosts that she grew up in a family in the trucking industry and thought it was cool to see the “giant truck” in her driveway on weekends they would return home. “In general, like, looking around at America…traveling around in America and just seeing the country — you know, it’s a pretty amazing sight,” she added. “You have to realize that trucking is something that affects every single person every single day,” Koon said. “You’re really moving America, one truckload at a time.”