This year’s annual Roadcheck event will take place on June 5-7. Due to the newly required use of electronic logging devices, this year’s focus will be hours of service.

Drivers using electronic logs will need to know what type of device they are using and how to get the logs to the inspector. Drivers also need to know how to navigate the device and show the inspector any related documents that are required to be in the vehicle such as manuals, instructions and blank logs.

Drivers eligible to use paper logs need to be able to clearly explain why they are exempt from using electronic logs and must provide clear, clean and updated logs to the inspector.

Hours of service violations were the top reasons truck drivers were placed “out of service” during Roadcheck 2017. The top five violations included:

  • Log form & Manner
  • Log not current
  • Driving after 8 hours without a 30 minute break
  • False logs
  • Driving after the 14 hour limit

Preparing for an inspection

The following documents will need to be provided by the truck driver:

  • Driver credentials (CDL & medical card)
  • Driver’s hours of service compliance (ELD or log book)
  • Carrier and vehicle credential documents
  • Shipping papers

The inspector will ask simple questions to assess the drivers’ condition.  The vehicle will be thoroughly inspected.  There are three possible outcomes once the inspection is complete:

  • The best outcome: no violations were discovered and the driver and carrier get a clean report.
  • The second outcome: violations were found but not serious enough to require immediate repair. The carrier is given 15 days to complete and report the necessary repairs.
  • The worst outcome: violations were discovered and serious enough that the driver and/or vehicle are placed out of service until the problems are corrected.

Note: Most violations can be avoided as long as the driver can provide the proper paperwork and conducts a thorough pre-trip inspection before leaving the yard. 

As always please call us at 800-332-6620 if you have any questions!