Some of the most common responses we receive from drivers applying for truck driving jobs are:

  • “I am looking for a trucking job with a real company.”
  • “I need benefits.”
  • “I don’t want to bounce around and be worried that I will not have work.”

Yes, these are concerns many applicants have, but after 6 years I can tell you why our drivers like being a temporary truck driver at Highway Driver Leasing.

At Highway Driver Leasing truck drivers are treated as company employees and receive full benefits including great hourly pay, overtime pay, vacation and sick time. We have full time and part time driving jobs available. Our drivers are in control and can work day to day, week to week, month to month at different companies or full time at one company. Some truck drivers prefer to work at the same company every day while other drivers enjoy the experience of working for multiple companies and driving different types of equipment. While working at HDL you may also be offered permanent positions with excellent companies that you would not find on your own; many companies only use staffing companies to hire their truck drivers.

We have your back and are good at getting to know our drivers. We work hard to make sure our drivers are happy and that we find the right job for them. Some truck drivers might work at a few different companies until they find the right fit but here is the good news: you are an employee of HDL and our name will be the only company listed on your resume no matter how many companies you’re assigned to.

More and more companies are using temporary drivers to fill their positions for a few reasons; it is difficult for companies to follow new DOT regulations and maintain compliance. Also taking time to hire qualified candidates can be extremely costly. Relieving companies of these obstacles allows them to focus on the core of their business. All of this means, we will have more work and unlimited opportunities for truck drivers!

By the way, we will pay you $25 if you refer a driver to HDL and $1,000 if the referred driver is hired and works a total of 160 hours.