Operation Safe Driver week has been scheduled for October 15th-21st this year.

Law enforcement personnel will be issuing warnings and citations for unsafe commercial driving behaviors. Dangerous driving actions that will be targeted include speeding, distracted driving, texting, failure to use a seatbelt, following too closely, improper lane change, failure to obey traffic signals and other similar violations.

The Top 5 Warnings/ Citations in 2016:

  1. State & local moving violations
  2. Speeding
  3. Failure to obey traffic control device
  4. Failure to wear a seat belt
  5. Using a handheld mobile

The Operation Safe Driver Program was created to help reduce the number of crashes, deaths and injuries involving commercial vehicles due to unsafe driving. The goal of the program is to help improve the behavior of all drivers operating in an unsafe manner not only by law enforcement but by education and awareness as well.