Temporary Truck Drivers

HDL has a network of experienced and DOT qualified drivers who are ready to help you now. [more...]

Permanent Placement

Our staff knows the best fit for every job we place. We are picky about the drivers we hire. [more...]

Truck Driver Leasing

Outsource your ongoing truck driver needs with HDL so you can stay focused on your core business. [more...]

HDL has truck drivers that you want to hire.

We are detailed, meticulous and highly selective about the drivers that we hire; only one of 40 drivers that we interview meet our criteria. Once they’re hired, they work for us for an average of eight years. Our hiring standards and driver retention means that our customers can rely on HDL for a consistently high quality of temporary driver.

HDL checks ten years of employment references and only hires drivers with clean driving records, excellent references, and a “can do” attitude.

HDL meets or exceeds compliance set forth by the D.O.T. and the FMCSA. Don’t take our word for it, HDL always sends our drivers’ DOT shadow files and PSP reports to our client prior to dispatch.